Interracial Dating; Black Men, White Women
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Black Man Raping White Woman

September 23, 2012
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Masai Tribe Sex Secrets Attracting White Women Kenya Safari
Believe it or not most Kenyans who are fellow countrymen to the Masai tribe know very little about this African tribe in comparison to white European, Asian, American women and white westerners at large who have discovered many amazing Masai secrets through mainly word of mouth. Local Kenyans who don't belong to the Masai tribe don't have the slightest clue about these Masai top secrets. The reason is not too difficult to guess, Many Africans who believe that they are civilized normally look down on the Masai tribe and dismiss them as primitive, backward and uneducated, they therefore have no need to value this rare African tribe's culture.

So finding out what many women in the west have discovered about the Masai tribe is virtually unattainable for them. What you will read will shock you, and most of all will answer a burning question where white women on holiday safari in Kenya have travelled with only one- to find a lover from the Masai tribe. Even more worrying trend has arisen, women who manage to achieve this objective are hooked for life and some have even left their families, husbands and financial security, to stay for life with their new-found penniless Masai lovers.

In one widely revealed situation in UK the rather odd couple soon got into financial troubles that the woman was forced to sell "her story" to the British tabloid, The News Of The World. Basically what readers wanted to know was what kind of lover Masai would cause an intelligent, sophisticated white woman to forget herself, abandoned her teenage children and British husband for her young "ridiculous looking" Masai lover, many wondered what they discussedif they were capable to have a discussion in the first place.

Firstly it is critical to note that Masai are very reserved and hardly reveal their secrets you. To begin with Masai are the most promiscuous tribe in Kenya; their culture allows them any woman in the village as a lover, as long as she is married to a person of the same age, or a man they were circumcised on the same day with, all he needs to do is bury his spear at the doorway of the Manyatta, if the man of the house happens to arrive back home finds a spear buried in the ground outside his home, he takes a walk.

They are required by circumstances to go in search of some other age mates' house where they can bury their spear for the night. The Masai have been practicing this bizarre tradition for years. All Masai women are circumcised and it is impossible for any woman not to. Masai Men have a way of arousing their circumcised women; this is archived by the way they are circumcised. They leave heavy skin hanging downwards around the penis, this accomplishes two main objectives, it prolongs lovemaking enormously and allows for much more "friction" (in the right places). This is Masai secret way that makes the tribe brilliant in lovemaking attracting white women and making them go crazy and stop thinking straight.

Additional factors that enhance the Masai warriors as lovers are the fact that the Masai are well gifted, size that is, because they dont wear trousers they literally move with a small red cloth covering the front and back, so women get a side and are able to see and inspect. Secondly in a world that boys continuously pretend to be men, the Masai are actual men, their initiation into manhood typically involves them killing a full-grown lion. This is certainly not something for the faint hearted. Many white men arent aware of the fact that this are the biggest turn on for white woman. beach boys in Mombasa have noted the white women tourists' preference for Masai lovers and have taken the trouble to modify their looks so as to qualify for Masai's to the eager white women tourists who have no problem paying handsomely for services rendered.

About the author: Edwin is a specialist in African Safaris and a tour operator. His tour company, African Safaris & Adventures, has presence in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Egypt, Madascar, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Seychelles.


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